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Our Team

The Warriors Center team is made up of a wonderful group of caring individuals who all have battled addictions or other life controlling problems in their past. They have the benefit of fully understanding the battles and being able to share from the heart as they walk clients through the struggles of recovery.

Warriors Center Mission Statement

The Warriors Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting men and women in overcoming issues related to homelessness, substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorders. Motivated by the love of God, we meet needs such as shelter, food, clothing, rehabilitation, education and job training. It is our mission to provide services through a caring and compassionate staff always upholding standards of excellence.


David Vincent

Executive Director




I was raised by a mother that was a thief and a step-father that had murdered three people. My real father had left when I was two and I would never see him again throughout my childhood. My mother had serious emotional problems and my step-father was a man full of rage. I grew up under a lot of abuse. Through the years I endured being beat with straps, kicked, hit, slapped in the face, and being choked to unconsciousness. Once, my parents moved away because the child welfare authorities were investigating them. I grew up very angry and alone. I was one of the most out of control kids I have ever seen. I stole, I started fires, and I was constantly fighting. At the age of nine, I began riding a bus to church. While at the church I attacked another kid and beat him up, and I started a fire in the bathroom. They put me out of that church for a while. The pastor had a conference with my mom and me. At the end of the meeting, he asked me to leave and he said to my mom- “It’s too late for him.” Stealing was always my worse problem. I was stealing as early as I could remember. At the age of four (1972), I got my parents kicked out of our trailer park because I was running around and stealing. We then moved across town to live in a duplex. I was five years old when I got them kicked out of there for stealing everyone’s mail. We then moved to a bad area of Memphis. I was six years old the first time I got arrested, and it was for shoplifting after school. At the age of eight, I began breaking into houses, sometimes with my mother’s consent. I was out of control. Continue Reading David's Story


L. Darnell Garmon

Clinical Director LADAC 


Scott Hedge

Operations Manager


Rob Meyer

Executive Administrator


Paul M. Berkes

Addictions Counselor, LPC / MHSP


Hershey Burnett

Spiritual Boot Camp Coordinator

Nancy Pavone

Nurse, Addictions Specialist