There is Always Hope.

Posted on February 15th, 2012

One thing I have come to understand is that “No matter how low a person is in life – There is always hope.” Many times in life we have to get to the very end of ourselves before we will reach out to God. When anyone reaches out for help…..God is always there. I have never witnessed someone truly reach out to God for help with a sincere heart that did not see God give them miracle breakthroughs in their life. Never! The bible is true when it says “God is close to the broken hearted”. God understands what we are going through when we are in a trial or suffering. He understands it better than we do. He sees us through eyes of love and compassion and wants the best for us. God will not force his will on us but when we are ready, he will always be there to help us. He created you for great things. He has great plans for your life. No matter what you are going through….. “There is always hope”. So just reach out.


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