Warriors Center Local Outreaches

Feeding the Homeless Outreach

Every Sunday afternoon, the Warriors Center helps lead a homeless feeding program in downtown Memphis. We are a part of set-up, feeding and ministry time. Many people battling homelessness have come into our programs at the Warriors Center because of this outreach.

Under the Bridge Outreach

Every Thursday morning we take a team to do an outreach to the bridges and homeless camps throughout the city. We visit with homeless groups in their areas and tent cities and show we care by offering pre-made lunches, drinks, prayer and a listening ear. This outreach is life changing.

Nursing Home Outreach

Every 2nd Saturday of each month we lead a group of volunteers to a local nursing home to visit patients. These patients have been adopted and are visited once each month because they do not get visits from any family or friends. This adoption program will soften the hardest heart.

Food Pantry Outreach

Twice each month we assist a church that runs a local food pantry for the poor in the inner city. In this outreach, we unload the food from trucks, make food packages, help manage pick up times and also pray with people that request prayer. This is a very touching outreach that helps lots of families and children.

Neighborhood Repairs Ministry

Each month the Warriors Center takes on repair and construction projects free of charge for elderly widows and the poor. On these outreaches we put together work crews that do work such as roof repairs, painting, flooring, wood repairs and lot clean-up. A great opportunity to give back and help our city!

Bellevue Loves Memphis

The Warriors Center teams up with Bellevue Baptist Church on their “Bellevue Loves Memphis” community outreach projects. We help provide lots of man power for these teams that go out to show the love of God. These outreaches include cleaning up neighborhoods and abandoned lots, painting, repairs and landscaping. This is a great opportunity to partner with other people who have a heart for our city and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Drama Outreach Team

The Warriors Center allows residents with creative skills and love of Drama to use their gifts through our Drama Outreach team led by our Outreach Coordinator. This team puts on their wonderful shows at outreaches and nursing homes.