Doug Finch’s father beat him. Often. And the duress lead to him being diagnosed with several mental problems. He took anti-psychotic medications for years although it didn’t really do much to help. As a kid, he started drinking to escape the craziness in his head. He struggled to keep his drinking and mental instability under wraps while working his way up through various restaurant jobs. Then Hurrican Katrina hit and Doug lost his home, his job, his belongings; everything. He left town, attempting to hitch-hike to family in Indiana but only made it as far as Memphis. Homeless and broke, with not even so much as identification, Doug’s life suddenly turned around.

Doug met a woman who knew about the Warriors Center. She called the center, and they accepted him into the program. Doug knew from the first day that this was where he belonged. He worked in the kitchen, studied the Bible, and even learned to read. The staff helped Doug deal with his childhood traumas. After graduation, he worked for two years as kitchen manager at the center to give back to the wonderful program that changed his life. In 2011, Doug began working for Popeye’s Chicken and did a training video with a woman he would soon learn was the CEO of Popeye’s. Doug was featured on the CBS HIT TV show "Undercover Boss", and after sharing his story, the company made a $10,000 donation to the Warriors Center.

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