Why Choose a Faith Based Rehab?

Warriors Center offers a Low Cost 28 Day Treatment Program for $1250

For men and women needing only for a Short Term Recovery Program, Warriors Center and the Breakthrough Center for Women offers a "28 Day Spiritual Boot Camp Treatment Program". Many people are searching for answers to their problems with addiction and they know that faith is the key to freedom from the bondages of substance abuse. For this reason Warriors Center offers men and women a Low Cost Short Term 28 Day Residential Substance Abuse Program for $1250. Our substance abuse treatment program is staffed by professional drug & alcohol abuse counselors and is set in a clean and professional Christian based facility that is transforming many lives in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Drug & Alcohol addiction has the potential to destroy lives, but there is hope when you decide to choose a faith based recovery program to rebuild your life. Faith based programs are able to provide those battling with substance abuse, the tools necessary to restore their physical and emotional health as well as their spiritual well being. This is why faith based recovery programs have a higher rate of success than that of traditional drug treatment programs. Addiction is a disease. But it is not just a physical affliction; it is a disease of the spirit and the soul. Finding faith in the middle of this struggle is a powerful catalyst towards regaining your physical, mental and spiritual health.

At our Warriors Center (for men) and the Breakthrough Center for Women programs, we offer a faith based solution to the drug epidemic by using a holistic approach to recovery that provides healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit. At the Warriors Center, we believe that faith can and should play a critical role in your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The Bible is a living, breathing book, and has much to say about the struggles we face. We incorporate these biblical teachings with fellowship and support that can give you every chance to enjoy the life you deserve. Healed hearts can become warriors for Christ but you must take the first difficult step and get help.

Call the Warriors Center and Hershey Burnett, our Intake Coordinator today about our Short Term 28 Day Spiritual Boot Camp treatment programs at 901-351-1259. 

Warriors Center welcomes people of all beliefs and faith backgrounds. The only requirement for participation is an open heart and the genuine desire to make a change in your life.

Matthew 11:28-30, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Faith Based Substance Abuse Treatment Differs From Mainstream Rehab

The problem of addiction is a complicated one.  The issue is rooted in physical, emotional and spiritual causes. Faith plays a significant role in healing the wounds that drug and alcohol addiction have created. Warriors Center understands that through faith, miracles happen and lives are transformed. Recovery is not easy but with faith in God, it is within reach for every person who wants to make the effort.

Statistics show that faith based recovery programs and treatment centers are helping people conquer their addictions to drugs and alcohol and are becoming a popular option for those wishing to strengthen their physical, emotional and spiritual health. As a faith based treatment program, the Warriors Center offers freedom from the anxiety, shame and guilt that often drive people back to using drugs and alcohol.

Another important aspect of a faith based recovery center is fellowship with others in recovery. The Warriors Center will allow you to share with others traveling the same road, and this fellowship plays a vital role on the journey to sobriety. The camaraderie and shared experiences provide constant support and reassurance that long term sobriety is a realistic possibility.

Warriors Center utilizes a Biblical approach to addiction treatment, through daily Bible study and prayer groups in addition to substance abuse treatment groups. These addiction treatment programs encourage fellowship and a deeper relationship with God. Warriors Center also works closely with local churches and the community to help those battling addiction to transition to life once they complete their treatment program.

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Faith is a Powerful Catalyst for Change

People who find themselves caught in the web of drug and alochol addiction often feel unworthy of God's love and forgiveness. At the Warriors Center, we offer the combination of a substance abuse treatment program with faith-based components that is a powerful arsenal against addiction.

The Warriors Center program encourages faith and recovery to walk hand in hand. Years of abusing drugs and alcohol have destroyed not only one’s physical health, but one’s emotional and spiritual health as well. It is within the realm of possibility to get all of that back, and for men and women battling addiction to experience a much greater gift - the grace of a loving God. Through treatment, pastoral counseling, seeking God in prayer, Bible study, individual and group therapy sessions, our faith based recovery program seeks to empower you to reclaim control of your life.  

Call Hershey Burnett, our Intake Coordinator today about our Short Term 28 Day Spiritual Boot Camp treatment programs at 901-598-2377 or 901-405-1298.