Thank you for your interest in the Warriors Center Long Term Recovery Program. We have included an online assessment and application on our website to provide you the information needed for acceptance into the Warriors Center Memphis and Breakthrough Center for Women Recovery Programs. 


  • All potential residents should review the Assessment Information and intake policies and procedures to assess whether the Warriors Center is the type of recovery program for them.
  • All potential residents must complete an application and be accepted prior to arrival. This process normally takes at least two days before a potential resident can be accepted.
  • The Warriors Center does not provide legal counsel to residents.
  • Applications can be sent online or mailed to the address below.
  • Notification of acceptance or denial will be sent to you by telephone or mail.
  • In the event that an opening is not available immediately all accepted potential residents will be placed on a waiting list.
  • Once your application is received it is your responsibility to remain in contact with the Warriors Center Intake Coordinator weekly to ensure that your application is still active.
  • If potential residents are incarcerated applications can be mailed into jail or prison facilities upon request. Once application has been received it will be reviewed and notification will be sent via US mail with acceptance letters for court use if applicable.

Warriors Center Recovery Program
Intake Coordinator

634 Semmes

Memphis, TN 38111

Phone: 901-405-1298

Fax: 901-405-1364