Anthony Linn has been battling his whole life. Growing up in Pennsylvania, Anthony got into trouble at an early age. He was arrested at 16 for aggravated assault and sentenced to 24 months in a juvenile detention center. Once Anthony had completed his time, looking for discipline, he joined the Navy. Despite the rigorous training of becoming a soldier, Anthony could not defeat his past, and drugs crept into his life. Eventually he left the Navy and later hit rock bottem because of his struggles. After battling his addiction for five years he wound up sleeping on the banks of the Mississippi river, covered in sores and mosquito bites.

Desperate, hopeless and alone, Anthony got down on his knees and asked God to help him. Five days later, he met men from Warriors Center who were downtown feeding the homeless. “I had been a warrior in the Navy. Couldn’t I be one once again? That’s what I thought the first time I heard about Warriors Center. But I’d slid so low I wasn’t sure.” Warriors Center took Anthony in and he completed the program in 2009. Today, Anthony is attending nursing school and helping others to fight their battles against addiction and mental health isues at an area hospital.