Keaton Rice grew up in the inner city of Memphis. He doesn’t remember much about his father, as he was never really a part of his life. At an early age, Keaton got involved in gangs. His fellow gang members became the ‘family’ he didn’t have at home, and Keaton did anything and everything to fit in. “I dealt a lot of drugs and did a lot of other things I’m not proud of”, he recalls. “Let’s just say I worked hard to be a tough guy.” Along the way, Keaton fathered two sons, and one day he realized that he didn’t want them to grow up the way he had. He needed to turn his life around and give his children a true family. That desire brought him to Warriors Center.

Keaton graduated from the program in 2010. Warriors Center helped him to leave the gang and his criminal lifestyle behind. He is now married with a new baby daughter and gratefully still involved in the lives of his two sons. He gives thanks every day that he has been given this renewed opportunity to be a good husband and father to his children. “Not many guys make it out of a gang alive. It was only with God’s help that I did. I know in my heart if God can do this for me, he can do it for anybody. You just have to believe.”