Otis Woodard-Marshall is one of the lucky ones. He had been homeless, out of work and hopelessly addicted to drugs for several years. He had put getting high over his 5 year old son, and his life and relationships were deteriorating quickly. One day, one of Otis’ friends decided it was time to take action. He seized him by the collar, dragged him to a phone and made him call Warriors Center. “He kept saying I had to do it for my son. I know the Lord was working through my friend.” That day, God intervened in Otis’ life and put him on the path to recovery.

Otis went through the Warriors Center program and graduated in 2010. “I will never forget my graduation ceremony,” Otis recounts. “I was scared to death I wouldn’t remember all 50 Bible verses I’d memorized, but I did.” As a graduation gift, Warriors Center assisted Otis in starting his career, lending him money to attend truck-driving school and providing him transportation to-and-from classes every day. “I now earn a good living as a long-haul driver. When I’m not on the road, I spend time with my wonderful son and worship God every chance I get. Now I get high just singing His praises.”